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About Whooo?

Introducing Whooo?

Get ready for a thrilling round of Whooo? – the ultimate online guessing game where your powers of deduction and elimination are your greatest assets. Challenge various characters, unlock new face cards, and embark on a quest to uncover your opponent's mystery character.

In Whooo?, your mission is simple yet challenging: guess your opponent's mystery character by skillfully eliminating potential candidates. Armed with four multiple-choice questions, you'll strategically ask your opponent to narrow down the possibilities.

Strategic Questioning

Choose your questions wisely to eliminate the maximum number of face cards standing. Each question you ask should bring you closer to unveiling the secret identity your opponent is holding. As you progress in the game, you'll earn golden keys that can be used to refresh the available questions. Don't get stuck with suboptimal queries; use your power-ups to keep the game exciting and your deduction skills sharp.

The Final Guess

When you're down to the last two face cards, it's time to put your deduction skills to the ultimate test. Take your best shot and guess who your rival is holding. Will your strategy pay off, or will your opponent keep their identity shrouded in mystery?

Whooo? is a game of wit, strategy, and elimination that will keep you entertained for hours. Can you outsmart your opponents and unveil their secret identities? Dive into the world of Whooo? and prove your deduction prowess in this thrilling online guessing game!


How to play Whooo?

Using Mouse


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