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About Subway Surfer Beijing

Subway Surfers: World Tour Beijing is an exciting version of the popular parkour racing game, where players embark on an adventure in the vibrant city of Beijing, China. In this edition, the main character finds themselves exploring the iconic landmarks and bustling streets of Beijing while being pursued by the authorities.

As players race through the subway tracks and streets of Beijing, they must navigate through a variety of obstacles, including moving trains, barriers, and other challenges. Quick reflexes and precise timing are crucial to avoid collisions and keep the game going. Along the way, players can collect coins and power-ups to enhance their performance and increase their score.

One of the exciting aspects of Subway Surfers: World Tour Beijing is the opportunity to explore the city's famous landmarks. Players can dash through the streets adorned with traditional Chinese architecture, pass by the magnificent Forbidden City, and immerse themselves in the cultural atmosphere of Beijing.

Furthermore, the game often introduces special events and limited-time challenges specific to the Beijing edition. These events offer additional rewards and add to the excitement of the gameplay.

Overall, Subway Surfers: World Tour Beijing offers an immersive experience that combines fast-paced parkour racing, stunning visuals of the city, and the thrill of evading capture by the authorities. Enjoy the adventure as you dash through the vibrant streets of Beijing in this exciting edition of Subway Surfers.

How to play Subway Surfer Beijing

Swipe left to move left.
Swipe right to move right.
Slide up to jump.
Slide down to crouch.

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