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About Who Is Imposter

Welcome aboard the interstellar adventure of Who is Imposter, a fan-made stealth game inspired by the beloved Among Us universe. Dive into a world of intrigue and deception as you take on the role of an impostor, tasked with sabotaging a crew of astronauts on a vast spaceship. With detailed graphics and immersive gameplay, prepare for a thrilling journey where every decision could mean the difference between success and failure.

Infiltrate, Sabotage, Survive:

As the impostor, your mission is clear: infiltrate the crew, sow chaos, and prevent the ship from completing its objectives. Roam the corridors of the spaceship, stealthily sabotaging vital systems and machinery to disrupt the crew's efforts. But beware—your actions must remain undetected. Each kill must be executed with precision, and every move must be calculated to avoid suspicion.

Navigate the Ship:

Explore every corner of the spaceship as you navigate its labyrinthine corridors and chambers. Use your wits and cunning to evade detection by crew members and security systems alike. Sneak past unsuspecting astronauts, hide in the shadows, and strike when the time is right. With each successful sabotage, you inch closer to victory—but one wrong move could expose you as the impostor.

How to play Who Is Imposter

Eliminate crew members one by one with stealthy precision. Use your bare hands to dispatch your victims silently, leaving no trace of your presence behind. But be careful—not all kills are equal. Dispose of bodies discreetly to avoid raising suspicion among the crew. Failure to cover your tracks could spell disaster for your impostor identity.

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