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    Overview of That’s not my Neighbor

    Beyond its surface-level horror and gameplay mechanics, That's Not My Neighbor by Nacho Sama serves as a thought-provoking socio-historical commentary on the anxieties and uncertainties of the mid-20th century. The game is set in 1955, a period marked by the Cold War, heightened paranoia, and the fear of infiltration by external threats – themes subtly interwoven into the fabric of the game's narrative.

    The doppelgangers, with their ability to mimic humans, serve as allegorical representations of the pervasive fear of espionage and infiltration during this era. As the doorman, players take on the role of a guardian tasked with protecting the sanctity of the apartment building – a microcosm reflective of the larger societal concerns of the time. The meticulous scrutiny of documents and the need for constant vigilance become metaphors for the scrutiny and suspicion prevalent in a society gripped by fear.

    That's Not My Neighbor invites players to consider the socio-historical context within which the narrative unfolds, prompting reflection on the broader implications of distrust and uncertainty. The game serves as a reminder of the impact of external threats on individual and collective psyches, using the horror genre as a vehicle to explore the anxieties ingrained in the cultural fabric of 1950s America.

    How to play That’s not my Neighbor

    Using Mouse.

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