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Introduction Subway Clash Remastered

In the heart of the Moscow metro, chaos unfolds as unknown forces launch an attack on a destroyed metro station with mysterious intentions. The city cannot tolerate such impudence, and you, the valiant defender, rush into battle in Subway Clash Remastered. Armed with deadly weapons scattered throughout the station, you must navigate the war-torn environment, and whoever seizes the rocket launcher gains an undeniable advantage. Get ready to save the city in this intense and action-packed game.


  • War-Torn Moscow Metro Station: Subway Clash Remastered unfolds in a destroyed Moscow metro station, setting the stage for intense battles. Navigate through the war-torn environment as you confront unknown forces with mysterious intentions.

  • Deadly Weapons Arsenal: As the defender of the city, you have access to several types of deadly weapons scattered throughout the metro station. Choose your arsenal wisely and strategically deploy weapons to gain the upper hand in the battle.

  • Rocket Launcher Advantage: The rocket launcher is the ultimate game-changer, providing its wielder with an undeniable advantage. Fight strategically to seize control of this powerful weapon and unleash chaos upon your enemies.

  • City-Saving Mission: Embark on a mission to save the city from the unknown forces that threaten its peace. Engage in intense battles, clear the metro station of adversaries, and restore order to the war-torn environment.

  • Intense Multiplayer Action: Subway Clash Remastered offers intense multiplayer action, allowing players to compete against each other in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Test your skills against real opponents and prove your mettle on the battlefield.

  • Strategic Gameplay: The game emphasizes strategic gameplay, requiring players to plan their moves, utilize the environment, and strategically deploy weapons to outsmart and overpower their adversaries.


How to play Subway Clash Remastered

Using Mouse.


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