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Introduction Stumble Guys x Pokémon

Embark on a mind-blowing online adventure with Stumble Guys x Pokémon, a game that seamlessly merges the excitement of two beloved game series. With stunning 3D graphics, this game invites players to help their chosen characters navigate a world filled with platforms, obstacles, and cliffs in a race to reach the coveted first position. Whether selecting characters from the Pokémon universe or the Stumble Guys game series, players can test their reflexes against a global community, all vying for the thrill of ultimate victory.

Dynamic 3D World

Exciting Adventure

Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure that unfolds in a dynamic 3D world. The game's graphics create an immersive experience as you navigate platforms, overcome obstacles, and race toward the finish line.

Platform Challenges

Face the challenge of diverse platforms that test your skills and reflexes. Navigating these platforms adds an extra layer of excitement to the race, keeping players engaged and on their toes.

Select characters from either the Pokémon universe or the Stumble Guys game series. The mashup introduces iconic characters that players can choose to represent them in this thrilling adventure.

Global Competition

Join thousands of users from around the world in a competition that pushes players to go to great lengths for the ultimate victory. Test your skills against a diverse and determined global player base.


How to play Stumble Guys x Pokémon

Using Mouse.


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