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Introduction Stop the Bullet!

Gear up for a thrilling challenge in Stop the Bullet, where your artistic skills and knowledge of physics will be put to the test. As a stickman defender, your mission is to draw strong protective barriers with your pencil to thwart the relentless attacks of enemies. Each level presents a canvas for your creativity, requiring precision and strategic thinking to outsmart the clever bullets. Stay one step ahead, block every potential gap, and ensure the safety of your stickman from almost certain death. Good luck on this artistic and physics-driven adventure!

Gameplay Overview:

Stop the Bullet offers a unique gameplay experience that combines artistic creativity with the challenge of protecting stickmen from deadly bullets. Players draw protective barriers with a pencil to block incoming attacks, employing precision and strategic thinking to outwit clever adversaries. With each level testing different aspects of creativity and physics knowledge, Stop the Bullet delivers an engaging and intellectually stimulating gaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Artistic Defense: Unleash your inner artist as you draw protective barriers to shield stickmen from deadly bullets. Embrace the challenge of turning each level into a canvas for your creative defenses.
  • Physics-Based Challenges: Navigate levels that test your understanding of physics. Predict the trajectory of bullets, consider angles, and strategically block every potential gap to ensure the safety of stickmen.
  • Clever Bullet AI: Face off against clever bullets that exploit even the smallest gaps. Stay on your toes, outsmart your opponents, and use your creativity to prevent any potential threats.
  • Precision Drawing: Hone your precision drawing skills to create impenetrable barriers. Every stroke of the pencil matters, and the accuracy of your drawings will determine the stickmen's safety.

How to play Stop the Bullet!

Using Mouse.

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