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About Stickman Races 3D

Welcome to Stickman Races 3D, the thrilling new racing game where you'll compete against other stickman players in adrenaline-pumping races. Strap in and get ready to run, jump, perform stunts, and race your way to victory against challenging opponents. With dynamic obstacles, exciting stunts, and intense competition, Stickman Races 3D offers an exhilarating experience you won't soon forget.


In Stickman Races 3D, your objective is simple: race against other stickman players and be the first to reach the finish line. Use intuitive controls to run, jump, and perform stunts as you navigate through a variety of dynamic environments. Leap over obstacles, climb ladders, swim through pools, and execute daring stunts to gain an edge over your competitors. But watch out – one wrong move could cost you the race!


  • Dynamic Racing Action: Experience fast-paced racing action as you dash through vibrant 3D environments filled with obstacles and challenges.
  • Compete Against Opponents: Race against other stickman players in thrilling multiplayer races. Use your skills to outmaneuver your rivals and claim victory.
  • Run, Jump, Perform Stunts: Use intuitive controls to run, jump, and perform stunts with ease. Leap over obstacles, climb ladders, and execute flips and tricks to gain speed and momentum.
  • Avoid Obstacles: Dodge obstacles and hazards scattered throughout each level. Stay focused and react quickly to overcome obstacles and maintain your lead.
  • Reach the Finish Line: Race through each level and strive to be the first stickman to cross the finish line. Show off your speed, agility, and racing skills as you compete for the top spot.
  • Multiple Environments: Explore a variety of dynamic environments, including urban streets, obstacle courses, and more. Each environment presents its own unique challenges and obstacles to overcome.
  • Challenge Yourself:
    Test your racing skills and challenge yourself to beat your own records in Stickman Races 3D. Race against increasingly difficult opponents, master each level, and strive to achieve the fastest times possible. With practice and determination, you can become the ultimate stickman racer and conquer every course in the game.

How to play Stickman Races 3D

Using Mouse.

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