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    About Pixel Gun 3D

    Pixel Gun 3D, a captivating first-person shooter available on iOS and Android platforms, offers players an exhilarating journey through its immersive Adventure mode. Divided into Campaign, Arena, and Sandbox, Adventure mode provides players with a diverse range of challenges and experiences, from solo missions to sandbox exploration.

    Rules of Pixel Gun 3D

    At the heart of Adventure mode lies the single-player Campaign, where players assume the role of the protagonist, affectionately known as Newbie. As Newbie navigates through a world ravaged by a Zombie Apocalypse, players must guide him through a series of increasingly challenging levels, each teeming with hordes of monstrous creatures. Armed with an arsenal of pixelated weaponry, Newbie embarks on a quest to cleanse each level of its monstrous inhabitants, all while unraveling the mysteries of the apocalyptic world around him.

    In addition to the Campaign, Adventure mode also features the adrenaline-pumping Arena mode, where players can test their skills against waves of relentless enemies in action-packed battles. Whether facing off against AI opponents or competing against friends in multiplayer matches, Arena mode offers fast-paced combat and intense competition that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

    Overall, Pixel Gun 3D's Adventure mode offers a rich and engaging gameplay experience that caters to players of all skill levels and preferences. Whether embarking on an epic quest in the Campaign, battling it out in the Arena, or unleashing their creativity in Sandbox mode, players are sure to find endless hours of entertainment and excitement in the adventures of Pixel Gun 3D.

    How to play Pixel Gun 3D

    For those seeking a more relaxed experience, Sandbox mode provides a sandbox environment where players can unleash their creativity and explore to their heart's content. With endless possibilities and no objectives to complete, Sandbox mode allows players to build, destroy, and experiment with the game's mechanics in a free-form setting.

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