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About Pet Trainer Duel

Pet Trainer Duel is a unique and fun casual game that revolves around helping customers train their obese cats to lose weight. Players take on the role of a cat trainer and are tasked with guiding these chubby felines through a series of trainer platforms to help them shed those extra pounds. Here are some key features and gameplay elements of Pet Trainer Duel:

  • Obese Cat Training: The primary objective of the game is to assist overweight cats in losing weight. Players must guide these cats across trainer platforms and through various exercises to help them get fit.
  • Weight Loss Challenges: Each level or exercise may present different challenges and obstacles that players need to overcome. This could include timed challenges, obstacle courses, and more.
  • Single and Multiplayer Modes: Pet Trainer Duel offers both single-player and local multiplayer modes. Players can enjoy the game by themselves or engage in friendly competition with a friend in two-player mode.
  • Competitive Gameplay: In multiplayer mode, players can compete against each other to see who can train their cat most effectively and achieve the best results on the weighing scale.
  • Weighing Station: At the end of each level or exercise, there is a weighing station that determines the cat's progress. The objective is to help the cats lose weight and improve their health.
  • Cat Variety: The game may feature a variety of cat breeds, each with its unique characteristics and challenges. Players may need to adjust their training strategies based on the cat's breed.

How to play Pet Trainer Duel

Using Mouse


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