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About Moon City Stunt

Introducing to Moon City Stunt

Embark on a futuristic adventure in Moon City Stunt, where the moon becomes the ultimate playground for thrilling races and gravity-defying stunts. This adrenaline-pumping game invites players to race against the clock, unlock diverse vehicles, and conquer challenging stunt routes against the lunar backdrop.

Moon City Stunt transports players to a time period in the future, where the moon has evolved into a bustling metropolis. The lunar landscape serves as the canvas for an exhilarating racing experience, offering a visually stunning and otherworldly environment that enhances the overall gaming immersion.

Race Against Time and Unlockable Vehicles

The heart of the game lies in the race against time. Players must navigate through the lunar city's intricate pathways and challenging routes, striving to beat the clock. As they progress, the reward is not only the satisfaction of completing each level but also the unlocking of five distinct vehicles, each with its own set of unique characteristics and capabilities.

For those seeking a break from the intense race against time, Moon City Stunt introduces the "Free Driving" mode. This mode allows players to test and explore their vehicles freely, cruising across the moon's surface without the constraints of a timer. It's an opportunity to enjoy the game's graphics, experiment with different vehicles, and discover hidden corners of the moon city.

Unleash Creativity with Unique Stunt Elements

The game takes stunt experiences to a whole new level with its innovative features. Spiral roads, teleport points, space football, and space bowling add a layer of creativity and excitement to the traditional racing format. Players can execute jaw-dropping stunts and experience a rush of adrenaline as they navigate through these unique lunar challenges.

Gravity System: Control the Moon's Gravity

Adding a strategic element to the gameplay, Moon City Stunt incorporates a Gravity System within the vehicles. Players can modify gravity controls, enhancing their control over the vehicle's movement on the moon's surface. This feature adds depth to the gameplay, requiring players to master the manipulation of gravity to navigate the intricate stunt routes successfully.


How to play Moon City Stunt

Using Mouse.


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