Merge Monster: Rainbow Master

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    About Merge Monster: Rainbow Master

    Merge Monster: Rainbow Master is an exciting new merge monster battle game that challenges players to engage in epic battles, upgrade combat skills, and earn the prestigious title of the world's greatest merge master. Gather your rainbow troops and prepare to lead an army of monsters to victory. Are you ready to take to the battlefield and prove your strategic prowess?

    Gameplay Overview


    In Merge Monster: Rainbow Master, your primary objective is to assemble and command a powerful army of monsters. By merging identical monsters, you can create stronger and more formidable creatures. Engage in thrilling battles, strategically upgrade your combat skills, and aim to become the ultimate merge master.

    Merging Monsters

    The core mechanic of the game revolves around merging monsters. By combining two identical monsters, you create a new, more powerful monster. This process continues, allowing you to develop a diverse and robust army capable of taking on increasingly challenging opponents. The more you merge, the stronger your troops become, enhancing your chances of victory on the battlefield.

    Epic Battles

    Take your merged monsters into epic battles against various opponents. Each battle tests your strategic thinking and combat skills. Position your monsters wisely, utilize their unique abilities, and adapt to your enemies' tactics. Victory in battles earns you rewards and resources, which can be used to further enhance your army.

    As you progress in Merge Monster: Rainbow Master, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your combat skills. Invest in various attributes and abilities to make your monsters even more formidable. Upgrading your skills is essential for taking on tougher enemies and ensuring your dominance on the battlefield.

    Skill Categories

    • Attack Power: Increase the damage your monsters can inflict.
    • Defense: Enhance your monsters' ability to withstand attacks.
    • Speed: Improve the agility and reaction time of your monsters.
    • Special Abilities: Unlock and upgrade unique skills that give your monsters an edge in battle.

    How to play Merge Monster: Rainbow Master

    Using Mouse.

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