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About Lego Speed Champions

Bricks in Motion: The Lego Universe on the Racing Track

Lego Speed Champions takes the racing game genre to a whole new level by introducing a world where every element, from the cars to the tracks, is constructed from Lego bricks. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and playful Lego universe as you speed through courses built with colorful blocks, adding a unique and visually captivating twist to the traditional racing experience.

Simplicity reigns supreme in the control scheme of Lego Speed Champions. With just one button to turn, the game puts the onus on the player to master the art of lining up the car with collectible coins strategically placed along the track. The simplicity of controls ensures accessibility for players of all skill levels, while the challenge lies in the precise execution of turns to maximize coin collection.

Coin Collecting Adventure: Unlocking Tracks and Building Momentum

The heartbeat of the game revolves around the thrill of coin collection. Every turn presents an opportunity to grab those elusive coins, and success is measured not only in speed but in the ability to gather enough coins to unlock the next track. As you accumulate coins, the game unfolds, revealing new and exciting challenges that keep the momentum building.

The Power of Choice: Picking the Perfect Lego Speedster

The journey begins with a crucial decision – the selection of your Lego speedster. Each car comes with its own set of characteristics, requiring players to make a strategic choice based on their preferred playstyle. Picking the right car sets the stage for the entire race, influencing your ability to time corners and secure those valuable collectibles.

In Lego Speed Champions, every corner is an opportunity to showcase your skills. Achieving the coveted 'perfect' corner not only adds a burst of satisfaction but also rewards players with 50 points. Concentration and precision are key as you navigate the twists and turns of Lego-built tracks, aiming for perfection in every corner to boost your score.


How to play Lego Speed Champions

Using Mouse.


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