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About Angry Gran Run Xmas

Join Nanny in her quest for freedom in Angry Gran Run Xmas, the special Christmas edition of the popular Angry Gran Run series. Nanny finds herself locked away in the asylum and needs your help to navigate through town and make a daring escape.

Gameplay Overview

Despite her age, Nanny proves she's still as spry as ever, ready to sprint, jump, and slide her way across miles of cityscape. Players must guide her through various obstacles and challenges strewn across the urban environment. Quick reflexes and strategic maneuvers are key to avoiding traps and hazards that threaten to impede her escape.

Christmas Special

Set in a festive backdrop, Angry Gran Run Xmas adds a holiday twist to the familiar gameplay. Experience the joyous spirit of Christmas as Nanny dashes through streets adorned with seasonal decorations and cheerful lights. The game's visual style captures the warmth and festivity of the holiday season, creating a delightful atmosphere for players to enjoy.

Challenges and Rewards

As Nanny races through the city, successfully overcoming obstacles rewards players with points and possibly special Christmas-themed bonuses. These rewards can enhance Nanny's abilities or unlock festive outfits and accessories, adding a touch of holiday flair to her daring escape.


How to play Angry Gran Run Xmas

Angry Gran Run Xmas offers replayability and endless fun. Each attempt presents new challenges and opportunities to improve your score, making it perfect for casual gameplay sessions or competitive challenges among friends.


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