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About Subway Surfers Beijing Online

Welcome to the electrifying world of Subway Surfers: Beijing! In this thrilling escapade, you'll step into the shoes of a mischievous youngster on a pulse-pounding dash through the bustling streets of Beijing. As you embark on this endless runner adventure, your mission is crystal clear: run, run, and keep running! The pursuit of freedom and fun drives you forward, but it won't be easy – the relentless police chase is hot on your heels.

Your journey through the vibrant streets of Beijing is not just about speed – it's about strategy, reflexes, and a hefty dose of thrill. With each stride you take, your score climbs higher, pushing you to excel. But hold tight, there's more to this race than meets the eye. Along the tracks, you'll spot a trail of valuable items beckoning you to collect them. These treasures not only boost your score but also send a surge of energy through your veins, propelling you forward at an even more exhilarating pace.

However, stay alert! The dazzling cityscape isn't without its challenges. A plethora of obstacles dot the train tracks, daring you to dodge them with precision and agility. Hurdles and barriers loom large, and a single misstep could slow you down significantly – and that's not something you can afford. The police are relentless in their pursuit, and the last thing you want is to be caught.


How to play Subway Surfers Beijing Online

Left/right arrow – Move left/right
Up arrow – Jump
Down arrow – Roll
Space – Activate hoverboard


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