Subway Surfer Zurich

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About Subway Surfer Zurich

Subway Surfers: World Tour Zurich is an exciting addition to the popular parkour racing game, where players embark on an adventure in the Swiss city of Zurich. In this version, the main character finds himself in trouble after painting graffiti in the subway and must flee from the pursuing authorities.

As players navigate the subway tracks, they must swiftly maneuver through dark tunnels, avoid oncoming trains, and overcome various obstacles in their path. Quick reflexes and precise timing are essential to stay ahead of the authorities and prolong the race. The game provides a thrilling experience as players try to outrun their pursuers and achieve the highest score possible.

Throughout the game, players can collect boosters and coins that enhance their gameplay and jumping abilities. These power-ups contribute to a more enjoyable and extended race. Additionally, players have the opportunity to customize their character's appearance by unlocking aesthetic elements as they progress in the game.

The objective is to evade capture for as long as possible, accumulating points and avoiding collisions with trains or obstacles. Can you outsmart the authorities and complete your daring escape in Subway Surfers: World Tour Zurich?


How to play Subway Surfer Zurich

Swipe left to move left.

Swipe right to move right.

Slide up to jump.

Slide down to crouch.


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