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About Subway Egyptian

Subway Egyptian sounds like an exciting 3D endless runner game that combines elements of ancient Egypt and modern-day New York City. The game's setting provides a unique backdrop for players to explore and enjoy.

As Cleo Hero, players have the opportunity to experience different modes of transportation, such as buses, scooters, and subways, while navigating through the bustling cities of Kero Egypt and New York. This variety adds depth and excitement to the gameplay, as players can choose the transportation option that suits their style.

Collecting coins and avoiding obstacles are common mechanics in endless runner games, and they add a challenge to the gameplay. The objective of running as far as possible offers a sense of progression and encourages players to improve their skills and achieve higher scores.

One notable feature of Subway Egyptian is the inclusion of both masculine and feminine characters, including elegant princess characters. This provides players with a diverse range of character options, allowing them to choose a character that resonates with them. It's great to see games offering a variety of character choices and representing different genders.

Overall, Subway Egyptian seems like an engaging and visually appealing game that combines ancient Egyptian themes with modern urban environments. The inclusion of various transportation options and character choices adds depth and variety to the gameplay, making it an enjoyable experience for players.

How to play Subway Egyptian

Mouse Controls Controls: Mouse / Arrows 800 X 600 Mon May 17 2021


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