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    Introducing to Fly Car Stunt

    Welcome to the exhilarating world of Fly Car Stunt 2, where classic car races take on an extraordinary twist, defying gravity itself. In this high-flying racing experience, cars soar through the sky on custom-made tracks, challenging players to navigate through the clouds with a perfect blend of advanced car physics and a spectrum of thrilling challenges.

    Embark on a wild ride across 12 unique levels, each carefully crafted to provide a distinct and heart-pounding experience. From soaring over breathtaking landscapes to navigating through intricate aerial courses, Fly Car Stunt 2 promises a diverse array of challenges that will test your skills and leave you craving for more.

    Solo or Co-op: Choose Your Flight Path

    Whether you prefer the thrill of solo flights or the camaraderie of sharing the skies, Fly Car Stunt 2 caters to both preferences. Take on the challenges alone, mastering the art of defying gravity, or team up with a friend for an adrenaline-fueled co-op experience. The choice is yours, but the excitement is guaranteed.

    Simple Controls, Gravity-Defying Results

    Navigating the skies in Fly Car Stunt 2 is made simple with intuitive controls. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to drive your car through the airborne tracks. Activate nitro with the N key to soar higher and stay aloft for longer durations. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a novice adventurer, the controls provide accessibility without compromising the thrill.

    The skies are not empty in Fly Car Stunt 2; they're filled with obstacles that demand strategic navigation. Swing past swinging sledgehammers, dodge menacing axes, and maneuver through saws and underground nails. Maintaining momentum is key, and utilizing the nitro boost wisely becomes your ticket to conquering the aerial challenges. Be mindful of the physics; every landing counts. Watch out for electrical shocks as you navigate the high-flying tracks.

    Features that Elevate the Racing Experience

    • Solo and 2 Player Modes: Choose between competing solo or teaming up with a friend for an unforgettable co-op experience on the same device.
    • New Levels: Conquer 12 freshly designed challenges that offer a thrilling mix of aerial landscapes and intricate courses.
    • Detailed Physics: Immerse yourself in realistic car movements and flight mechanics, adding a layer of authenticity to the gravity-defying adventure.
    • Nitro Boosts: Deploy nitro strategically for extended air time and swift progress through the challenging tracks.
    • Diverse Obstacles: Navigate through swinging sledgehammers, menacing axes, saws, and underground nails, adding an element of danger and excitement to every race.

    How to play Fly Car Stunt

    Using Mouse.


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